About Utmon es pour Paris


Utmon es pour Paris is an abbreviation of Tout mon esprit pour Paris – the inspiration behind the brand. Erzsébet I. Wagner arrived in the city of love at the age of 19 and found in it a place that perfectly reflected something she had always dreamed of: ‘beauty, elegance, diversity.’ She stayed on the Seine for a few years and was mesmerised by Parisian women – women who work a great deal, go out often, enjoy each breath, and always look incredibly nonchalant and elegant at the same time. Each design by Utmon es pour Paris is an homage to Parisian women and their incomparable flair – combined with the precision and durability of German craftsmanship. Wagner still chooses each leather herself; manufacture takes place exclusively in Germany in a traditional factory that is among the best in the country. In addition to the highest quality, Utmon es pour Paris places particular value on sustainability. In accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and in cooperation with the Internationaler Reptilleder Verband (IRV), the origin of all varieties of leather can be seamlessly tracked to ensure that no animals living in the wild are endangered. For founder Erzsébet I. Wagner, social commitment is also one of the brand’s fundamental values: a partnership exists with ‘PLAN International’. Each product supports the work of this renowned child welfare organisation and therefore, ultimately, so does each Utmon es pour Paris customer.
The ‘finishing touch’ has a very French twist: rather than tanned leather, all products are scented with a perfume put together especially for Utmon es pour Paris. Wagner commissioned a Parisian perfumer, who created a fragrance for strong, exceptional women, which includes bergamot, lily of the valley, leather and vanilla – Utvoir No. 1. Each Switchbag therefore exudes not only French flair, but also the scent of Paris.