German Design Award 2019: SPECIAL MENTION || LUXURY GOODS

PRODUCT: Bag in bag, Switchbag. A Switchbag – endless possibilities. With a high-end Switchbag, the label Utmon es pour Paris shows that functionality and style do not exclude each other. The elegant Pochette fits in every Shopper and is the perhaps most luxurious way to carry ones seven things through life.

STATEMENT OF THE JURY: Opulent, timeless and convenient the Utmon Mon Coeur Original combines luxuriant materials with utility and is designed to be used within larger handbags yet is equally usable as a clutch bag.


MINIMALISM IN PERFECTION: the geometrical trapezoidal form, the subtle magnet fastener, the decent outside pocket, plainly sewed – UTMON ES POUR PARIS model renounces superfluous details, in favour of a clear, high-quality. The Switchbag automatically adapts into every bag. The stylish organizational talent carries its true values inside: thanks to the intelligent room layout, everything is in its place, from the Smartphone all the way to the lipstick. Practical compartments and loops care for a perfect subdivision and particularly fast access, firstly to technical objects like phone chargers, power bank and headphones. The bag is well suitably for business and leisure. Always timesaving, since after all, women spend 76 days of their lives searching through their handbags.

SMALL BLACK DRESS: the basis model of UTMON ES POUR PARIS is held in timeless black, only a subtle stamp and a golden ornament decorate the clear design. The bright red inside leather sets a fashionable contrast and lightens the bag to make the object inside easier to spot and much time is saved. Laterally signal-red leather cares for accents and reminds of the salient soles of a famous luxury shoe. The model is available in different leather variants: in exclusive crocodile, lamb nappa and the finest cowhide.

Aside from the classic, elegant black and red, the Pochette can be acquired in many other colour combinations..

Behind the Brand

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